Why is it so important to have a graphic identity?

Just as our common values, the graphic identity is all about showing a knowledgeable, trusting, and professional public appearance.
A clear identity provides strength and simplifies both external and internal communication.

This profile manual is made to simplify work and create one common and shared identity for all of Ahsell. A set performance also makes us stronger than our competitors. The graphic image is what carries our company's identity.

Several thousand people are currently employed in a large number of shops across our countries. A common graphic identity signals that no matter where our customers meet us, they will always be greeted by the same selection, knowledge base and quality of advice. If we strive towards always presenting the same image – in advertisement, brochures, letters etc. – then we will, at the same time display collectiveness and professionalism. This is just as important in our graphics as in our daily work.

In other words, the point of our common profile is partly to strengthen our sense of collectiveness and partly to make it easier for our customers and other interest groups to see what Ahlsell stands for.
By continuously and clearly building up and maintaining our trademark, we will reserve a special place in our customers' minds.

If you are unsure of how to use a logo, typeface, etc, there are people you can ask questions at any time by clicking on 'contacts’.

Read more about our common values in the values manual in the right menu.